10 Tips for Operations Loss Prevention

I know it might seem far away, but Summer is fast approaching. Let’s plan a Backdoor Receiver policy and practice review for May (pre-Memorial Day). Beware to address the topic of summer replacement Vendor Drivers, how Drivers might attempt to manipulate back door receiving practices, etc. Pass out the RetailControl.com 15-point Receiving standards to all Receivers and make sure that they are following these disciplines.
(See: http://www.retailcontrol.com/s/product_info.php?products_id=101)

Clean-up your POS PLU Charts & scan files. Delete items not in season, audit every price and test all cashiers’ visual recognition of summer fruits and vegetables.

Take some time to walk the outside perimeter of your store(s). Look for potential points of entry, garbage, excessive weeds, damaged shopping carts, customer use trashcans that need replaced, signs that need re-done, etc.

How long has it been since you had your produced walk-in Cooler emptied and scrubbed clean. This should be done wall-to-wall at least monthly.

In the Deli, salads will begin increasing movement
and lunchmeat will slows down in the post school season. Check on hand inventories and proper documentation of ordering to assure maximum freshness and minimize shrink.

You should be maintaining a daily ”Carry Over” log on all fresh grinds (hamburger) by recording how many packages (sizes and variety) were made each evening, and in the morning record how many are left over. Over time, you can use this log to more accurately determine the maximum amounts of grinds to prepare each evening while holding a tight reign shrink.

Bakery sales change suddenly during the summer months so get in your coolers and look for heavy carry over of the slow moving winter items (dinner rolls, pies & sandwich rolls) and proper on-hand inventory of fast moving summer items (Angel cakes, variety cakes, and Hot Dog/hamburger rolls).

Have you trained all employees to do non-confrontation shoplifting prevention? Be pro-active. Use our 10 steps to “Shoplifter Proof” your customer service program. Make a friend, not a mistake.

Check all walk in cooler and back room areas for vendor creditable merchandise. Go on a two week “show me the money” program to collect merchandise credits form all vendors and clean all damaged, distressed, or out-of-date product from your inventory.

Preventing shrink is never an accident it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.