10 Tips to Reduce Perishable Shrink

  1. Allow only authorized and properly trained associates to receive product. Check to assure that they are checking-in ‘product-to-invoice’ and placing a check-mark on the invoice as they see the product. Maintain a Weekly Discrepancy Log for all DSD vendors.
  2. Make sure that cooler inventory is code dated with the date received and that your associates are rotating utilizing the FIFO rotation method.
  3. Lock the dumpster and make certain that only authorized associates dump trash. Make 100% certain that ‘Known Loss’ is being recorded before is is disposed of. Follow the Best Practice’s detailed in the RetailControl.com Known Loss Manual.
  4. Periodically and regularly verify product space allocation to assure that you are displaying enough to satisfy customer demand, but not so much as to cause unnecessary product shrink.
  5. Maintain Order Guides to include. Do not allow associates or managers to order without following proper disciplines.
  6. Assure that all associates are properly trained according to their specific job descriptions.
  7. Verify price changes are done accurately and in a timely manner. Conduct a full department scan file audit verifying book prices to scan file and scan rate efficiency.
  8. Maintain a Perpetual Inventory in each department, each week.
  9. Check refrigeration and temperatures throughout the day (especially in the evenings).
  10. Manage all sanitary schedules and practices. As sanitation best practices falter, bacteria increases and product quality suffers.