March 2011

Store Shrink Results Matter

Strack and Van Til Reduces Store Shrink and Improves Profit with Aggressive Store Operations Control Program Company Background – Strack and Van Til, LLC [frame_left alt=”store shrink” title=””] [/frame_left]One of Chicagoland’s leading grocery chains, Strack & Van Til (SVT) operates about 30 supermarkets in and …

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Loss Prevention Leadership

Driving Store Profit Requires Focused Loss Prevention Leadership Driving retail store profit through smarter Loss Prevention requires an open mind, a willingness to change and focused Loss Prevention Leadership. Smart Loss Prevention and shrink control is an “evolution”. It involves the use of shrink control …

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6 Quick Steps to “Shoplifter Proof” Your Customer Service Program

Teach all Store Associates to: Make eye contact. Greet Every Customer Within Their 10 Foot Zone. Specifically and Purposefully Offer Pleasant Assistance to all Suspicious Customers. Be Visible. Be Present. Be Friendly. Announce Code 99 over your store P.A. when you see Suspicious Behavior. Recommended …

6 Quick Steps to “Shoplifter Proof” Your Customer Service Program Listen Now »