7 Deadly Sins of Shrink Prevention

Being able to identify these 7 Deadly Sins of Loss Prevention will put you closer than you’ve ever been to solving your Shrink Problems


Special attention is given to the 5 Critical Failures most retailers face that have been proven to break-down the effectiveness of their Loss Prevention programs.

In this comprehensive report, you’ll learn about:

  • How effective shrink prevention is The Last Profit Frontier
  • The importance of using automated solutions to help you find the sources of your shrink and shut them down.
  • The results you can expect to achieve through an effective loss prevention program
  • Your 6 key areas of concentration for maximum Loss Prevention impact
  • How to create the commitment and discipline necessary to ensure the achievement of your LP objectives
  • The 4 key elements to shrink-proofing your operations through improved Customer Service
  • 6 techniques you can employ to better see and measure the shrink you’re trying to manage
  • The 3 primary areas of concentration for auditing your Shrink Prevention efforts
  • The importance of avoiding near-sighted Shrink Prevention tactics
  • The 6 key Hub Programs you should be using to form the nucleus of your formal Loss Prevention Program.



Knowing how to avoid the traps of shrink loss will lead you to significant profit increases.

This special Profit Builders Report outlines and discusses the Seven Deadly Sins of Loss Prevention and How To Avoid Them.

Put your LP Managers and personnel on the fast track
to effective shrink reduction by following the tips in this powerhousebook.

7 Deadly Sins Of Shrink Prevention – Price: $79

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