7 Tips For People Who Choose Profit

  1. So you find your store in bad shape. The fact that your store is in bad shape isn’t as important as you knowing that your store is in bad shape, and that you’re doing something about it.
  2. Visit your store and evaluate your customer service readiness when you’re least expected. (Like 9:00 p.m. on your day off.) You’ll be surprised at what you learn.
  3. Conduct a 100% rotation check of your Dairy Case this week.
  4. Proper Meat Department sanitation will increase fresh meat product case life by minimizing the negative effects of bacteria. Make sure your meat grinder is cleaned after each use and your red meat display case is thoroughly washed-down every week.
  5. Check the batteries in all emergency door panic alarms this month. Make sure that they are operational.
  6. Take some time this week to observe the behavior and habits of vendors delivering to or servicing your store. Look for excessive back-stock of their
    products in your backrooms, check that they are rotating their stock, check that they are not using rear doors without supervision of an authorize receiver, etc.
  7. Start planning now for a Shrink Awareness ‘Kick-off” meeting new month. Take some time to get your employees involved.