8 Rules for Profiting with Perishables

8 Rules for Profiting with Perishables

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In this session, we’ll look at eight proven rules that are certain to help you reduce your perishable losses and build customer satisfaction to a new,
higher level.

In addition to the 8 rules below, we’ll also cover 5 known truths about perishables…review the three quick ways to cut your perishable shrink down to size…the seven primary sources of perishable shrink…and vital shrink recovery examples that are sure to convince you that working on your perishable shrink loss is well worth the effort.

In this session, you’ll discover that:

  • Rule # 1: It all
    starts here, as you discover the sources of up to 17% of Perishable Shrink and 5% of all lost sales
  • Rule # 2: Do it or lose it ! If you blow Rule #1, this rule will likely fail and your shrink will go up by as much as 14%
  • Rule # 3: It takes TLC to make money in perishables, and if you follow this rule, your shrink will go down by 4% to 6%
  • Rule # 4: When examining the fine balance between sales and loss control, looks aren’t everything.
  • Rule # 5: You can see, smell and pocket the profit when you follow this rule – PLUS – it breeds customer loyalty
  • Rule # 6: Prevent shrink bacteria before it kills you! Break this rule and you’ll add 7% to 11% to your shrink.
  • Rule # 7: The Rule of First Loss – By anticipating, preventing and taking smart actions to avoid losses, you’ll cut your shrink by 5%
  • Rule # 8: Avoid costly small mistakes or mis-deeds and you’ll be set to cash-in on perishable salesstaging area is…how to set yours up…and how to use it effectively

– PLUS –

The 5 Truths About Perishables…including:

  • The Sales/Expense Ratio
  • The Customer Satisfaction Connection
  • The Sales-To-Shrink Factor
  • The Quality-to-Freshness Difference
  • The Operations Equation

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