9 Indisputable Strategies for Shrink Prevention

9 Indisputable Strategies for Shrink Prevention

Few will argue that Loss Prevention is always a tough game…filled with far too many Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas.

You’re often initially certain that you’re doing the right things…but for one reason or another, your results just don’t seem to work out as you had expected.

That’s your clue that it’s time to change from what always has been to what MUST BE, if you’re looking for different, more profitable results. Remember…if you aren’t happy with your current levels of shrink, what you have been doing is what got you here. So, if you want different, better results, you simply must make a change.

This is a fast-paced, upbeat and positive message that’s not only great for Store Managers and Loss Prevention specialists…it’s also highly recommended for Company Presidents and VPs.

this workshop, Company Officers, Managers, LP Specialists and Supervisors will learn:

  • Four valuable tips for building a Think Shrink Team in your stores that’s certain to bring you to the Winner’s Circle in your war on shrink
  • When it comes to RESULTS…You have to teach it to achieve it! …and we’ll give you three important tips for creating a Culture of Control at your Back Door and your Front End that will ensure profit improvement through shrink reduction
  • How to define the Standards for Store Manager Best Practices that will turn an performances into measurable profit and control gains in the four key areas of your stores
  • Three important approaches for creating An ounce of (preemptive) prevention in your stores that will quickly translate to several pounds of (reactive) cure !
  • How to keep your players on-point and on-target with a well-conceived Audit play-book that will take you all the way to the goal line
  • How to establish and implement a circular, repeatable audit process that triggers performance, rewards goal attainment and creates a catalyst for change !
  • The importance of partnering and teaming-up with people to help you set the stage and keep your team working in a collaborative way toward the achievement of common goals!

Available as a 2-hour or 3-hour session

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