90 Days To Transformational Loss Prevention

90 Days To Transformational Loss Prevention

Expect a 100% Workshop ROI in 12-16 weeks
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This fast-paced MUST ATTEND session for Presidents, VPs and Management covers the 8 indisputable Laws of loss prevention. Understand and implant these Laws in the minds of your key Management and make significant profit gains from Loss Prevention and improved Customer Service in the coming days, weeks and months.

You’ll walk away with new strategies that will help you PREvent Shrink, PREempt Loss and PREcontrol your way to important procedural changes that will improve your stores’ profit picture !

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The Law of Consistency…and how managing the four S’s of Supermarket Success will bring consistently higher profits
  • The Law of Expectation…and how a proper balance between past and future expectations and a clear Loss Prevention vision can prevent failure and help assure your continuous improvement
  • The Law of Standards…and how the establishment of clear, achievable store and performance standards will set the stage for your success … and why most attempts fail
  • The Law of Execution…and how an ounce of (preemptive) disciplined prevention is worth more than a pound of (reactive) cure
  • The Law of Inspection…and how effective auditing is the circular, repeatable process that triggers shrink reduction
  • The Law of Change…and how c-level change management and choosing the right strategic partner will help you sustain the changes that build profits
  • The Law of Collaboration…and how corporate-wide cooperation will turn failure into success – Evolve or Die !
  • The Law of Accountability…and how everyone MUST be accountable for their role in creating your winning loss control culture — and it all starts with YOU !

Session length will be customized to suit your needs.
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