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All New for 2022: ProfitTrax Fresh Item Forecasting & Production Planner

Good Morning Friends,

As you know, 6 months ago we announced the release of our all new ProfitTrax MERCHANT Analytics module.

ProfitTrax MERCHANT Analytics is a Powerful Sales and Profit Builder. MERCHANT makes Category Management faster, easier and more agile and improves Inventory TURNS and CASH FLOW in all departments. As you know, we build and price to guarantee retailers up to a 5:1 ROI in their 1st year. In fact, MERCHANT is yielding our retailers 5:1 ROI with just 6-7 months.

Now, there’s more: ProfitTrax adds Fresh Item and Whole Store Demand Forecasting Production Planner to its Human Operating System to Grow Gross Margins and help offset rising labor rates, increasing cost of goods and improve workforce productivity.

According to Larry Miller, President of Smart Retail Solutions and ProfitTrax; “On November 1st we officially released our all new ProfitTrax Demand Forecasting and Production Planning module for Fresh Item Sales and Profit improvement. This will signal a new dynamic for retailers to improve Profitable Selling with Sales Forecasting and Production Planning analytics for Variety Optimization and Precise Demand-based Production Requirements and Space Allocation Guidelines.”

This all new ProfitTrax Production Planner offers 5 BIG BENEFITS:

Production Planner is priced right, easy to learn and simple to use.
Using Production Planner will guarantee FRESHER Fresh Items for Shoppers.
Production Planner will help reduce Shrink Loss from over-production by up to 20% to help you Grow Your Grosses and yield retailers a 8:1 annualized ROI* with just 12 weeks of use.
Production Planner Saves on Store Labor Requirements.
Production Planner Lowers Supply Expenses.

Combined with ProfitTrax, the MERCHANT AND PRODUCTION PLANNER modules will help you to grow sales, reduce shrink loss, improve workforce productivity and improve inventory Turns and cash flow to deliver guaranteed up to 8:1 ROI in just the first year of use.

Interested to see it and learn more about Growing Your Grosses without raising prices?

Call or email me today. Let’s set up a time for you and your team to experience the ProfitTrax Production Planner.

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