Larry Miller

Shrink Prevention Leadership

A Must-Have compendium of the proven Best Practices successful Leaders use to PREVENT Shrink Loss rather than investigate or catch the perpetrators, after the fact. [one_half] In today’s retail world, loss prevention is really the business of profit optimization or realization. But for many years, …

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ROI of Shrink Reduction

A close look at the operational variables and accounting practices successful companies use to calculate their shrink losses and the ROI of their Loss Prevention programs and practices. Here’s a wealth of invaluable information to help you see how well your LP efforts are working to reduce the profit-robbing shrink that’s plaguing your stores.

Extreme Shrink Prevention

This report will show you how to make Extreme Loss Prevention an on-going process that engages the entire culture of your company and not merely a short-term event [one_half] We’ll outline the proven 3-step Extreme Loss Prevention process that will help you to save up …

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