Ball’s Food Stores Selects ProfitTrax for Store Operations Profit Improvement

Distributed January 2017

Media Contact:
Steven Miller
Smart Retail Solutions, LLC
(602) 363-4000

SCOTTSDALE, AZ:     Smart Retail Solutions (SRS) of Scottsdale, Arizona has announced that Ball’s Food Stores (BFS) of Kansas City, KS has selected ProfitTrax for a company-wide rollout to its 27 Stores under the Hen House, Price Chopper, and Sun Fresh banners.

ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, Business Intelligence SaaS designed for Store Operations and Loss Prevention that guarantees improvement to store performance. ProfitTrax focuses on Reducing Operational Shrink Loss, Reducing Out of Stocks, Improving Gross Margins, and Cashier Performance Monitoring for work productivity and shrink-causing activity.

ProfitTrax decodes and translates the data into Daily Plain English Action Alerts and distributes daily sales and profit improving directions directly to in-store teams and supervisors for guaranteed, sustainable sales and profit growth.

According to Mike Beal – COO at Ball’s Foods: “We are very pleased with our ProfitTrax results. The analytics, easy to use reporting and Plain English Daily Store Walk directives exceed the scope and intelligence of every other analytics program we have looked at, plus ProfitTrax serves the entire Enterprise including Operations, Merchandising, Loss Prevention, as well as our other centralized data/transaction monitoring needs. Our Store Directors, District Managers now have an all-in-one solution with Performance Dashboards that helps focus store teams to grow sales, control store shrink, mitigate out of stocks, and improve gross margins creating a great competitive advantage.”

Mike Beal continued, “Larry Miller has been an industry leader in Retail Business Analytics, Store Operations Improvement, and Shrink Prevention with Shrink Trax and his Total Store Manager training platform for over 25 years. This all new ProfitTrax solution is a clear breakthrough and it certainly lived-up to its 12-week ROI guarantee. The ProfitTrax software and store manager training program is definitely a step above the competition.”

Larry Miller, President & CEO of SRS – noted, “We believe that true Business Intelligence occurs when there is a convergence of People, Analytics and Practices that achieves a simple, repeatable and sustainable change in the way store teams grow sales and profit. We designed ProfitTrax to lighten and simplify Store Manager and Supervisor workloads while empowering Loss Prevention and Merchandising for sales and profit improvement. We are delighted to be working with the team at Ball’s Foods.”


About Smart Retail Solutions
Smart Retail Solutions develops next-gen cloud-based SaaS Business Intelligence and training solutions for all segments of retail and guarantees sustainable store profit improvement. The SRS Team created its ProfitTrax solution to give retailers an everyday competitive edge by identifying where sales and profit opportunities are and how to fix them.


About Balls Food Stores
Ball’s Food Stores’ operates 27 supermarkets in the Kansas City and surrounding markets. Founded in 1923, when Sidney & Mollie Ball opened their first store the Ball Family’s American Dream has evolved under the leadership of Fred Ball and David Ball and today is a vibrant regional retailer. Ball’s Food Stores is committed to providing its customers with friendly service, quality local products, and value pricing, in clean organized stores while remaining innovative internally, staying on the cutting-edge of retail operations.