Best Practices For Retail Shrink Control

Here’s the definitive Guide to more than 70 Best Practices, Facts and Quotes to help you put the brakes on the retail shrink that’s robbing your stores’ profits


Nearly 20 years of focused research into the causes, consequences and cures for retail shrink have proven that invoking certain Best Practices will have an almost immediate, positive effect on the reduction of shrink losses.

The key to being successful in this endeavor lies in knowing which Best Practices work best — and how you can use them to cut your store shrink, FAST.

This comprehensive Guide is loaded with facts, quotes and procedures for preventing shrink losses caused by Cashier Theft, Vendor Fraud & Errors and Shoplifting…as well as errors at the Self-Checkout and in your Perishable and Grocery Departments.

You’ll also discover how the dynamics of employee education will help you build Shrink Prevention awareness and control within your company and keep your employees more honest.

The overall result will be an improvement in employee performance, a reduction in shrink losses and an increase in store profits.

Policies & technology don’t prevent shrink … people do !

Make no mistake about it — stale thoughts, processes and approaches pose the greatest threat to your success in the prevention of controllable shrink losses. If you’re looking to achieve better results, you’ll have to try different approaches.



Here’s what you’ll discover within the 10 chapters of this important Guide

  • 6 proven steps for measuring the causes,effects and costs of shrink in your stores
  • 6 essential educational tools for effective Shrink Prevention awareness and control
  • 7 proactive Shrink Prevention practices that help you keep employees honest
  • 6 Best Practices for controlling and reducing Cashier-Caused Shrink
  • 8 proactive approaches for reducing and preventing shoplifting losses
  • 8 effective control methods proactive companies use to reduce their backroom receiving shrink losses
  • 4 Best Practice control areas for the prevention of Self-Checkout Shrink
  • 9 measures and controls you can use to significantly reduce your stores’ Perishable Shrink
  • 6 control mechanisms for reducing Non-Perishable Shrink
  • 10 time-honored, fail-safe rules for smart Loss Prevention

“If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get the results you’ve always gotten”


Best Practices for Retail Shrink Control – Price: $55

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