Known Loss Control Program Guide

Larry Miller’s Known Loss Control Program Guide will help you get control of damaged, distressed, discontinued, close-dated or outdated merchandise. [one_half] Research also indicates that when properly implemented, a carefully formulated and followed Known Loss Control Program can reduce your overall store shrink by as much as 7% to 14%. A significant number for most …

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The Lost Art of Loss Prevention – Store Operations Shrink Control

Achieving true greatness in Loss Prevention requires a clear and well-communicated vision, supported by aligned goals [one_half] Today, far too many companies throw tactics at their Loss Prevention problems without a clear and present strategy, set of goals or vision. In this informative White Paper Report, you’ll learn about the dynamics of preventing your shrink …

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WOW! Superhero Shrink Prevention

Operations Executives, Loss Control Managers, and others responsible for getting employees engaged in profit-making through Loss Prevention need copies of this important reference document on their desktops. [one_half] Therefore, as complex as they are simple, if your objective is to improve your loss control practices and reduce your stores’ shrink this year, then you and …

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Shrink Prevention Leadership

A Must-Have compendium of the proven Best Practices successful Leaders use to PREVENT Shrink Loss rather than investigate or catch the perpetrators, after the fact. [one_half] In today’s retail world, loss prevention is really the business of profit optimization or realization. But for many years, that wasn’t the case. Loss Prevention once meant…”wait for the …

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ROI of Shrink Reduction

A close look at the operational variables and accounting practices successful companies use to calculate their shrink losses and the ROI of their Loss Prevention programs and practices. Here’s a wealth of invaluable information to help you see how well your LP efforts are working to reduce the profit-robbing shrink that’s plaguing your stores.