Driving Store Performance With Scorecards

This Report describes how Shrink Prevention Scorecarding will provide at-a-glance information that you can use to improve store profitability through directly-related and measurable performance improvements


In Loss Prevention, as with any business venture, the attainment of your goals begins with knowing where you are right now…where you’re hoping your goals will take you…and most importantly, the exact steps you must take along the way to ensure that you get there.

As the physical sizes of today’s stores and the breadths of their inventory base continue to grow, keeping track of different performance areas and determining exactly which improvements will deliver the maximum positive impact on the bottom line gets more complex.

Accountabilities have always been a driving force in the quest for success, but in today’s retail environment, assigning, tracking and analyzing those accountabilities effectively depends more than ever on your ability to take a quick and precise look at a broad range of vital performance metrics.

This important report shows you how Scorecarding will provide quick visual impact and fast, intuitive understanding of where performance levels are in relation to your established goals at all times.



Here’s more of what you’ll find inside this Report

  • Example Scorecard Metrics that will help you reduce your store shrink
  • 5 Metrics for measuring Check-Out Operations
  • 4 Metrics for improved Receiving & Inventory Management
  • 5 Metrics for Store Audits & Inspections
  • 5 Metrics for measuring perishables in Supermarkets & C-Stores
  • 4 proven steps to successful Store Operations & Loss Prevention Scorecarding
  • 7 known causes of excessive Retail Shrink

Without directly-related & measurable performance improvements, what you believe to be Accountability is nothing more than mere Activity


Driving Store Performance With Scorecards – PRICE: $55

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