Driving Store Profits With Perishables

Here’s a virtual Store Managers’ Guide to a better understanding of how to control the profit-robbing Perishable Shrink in your stores


The report begins by helping you set realistic expectations for the seven perishables departments, then leads you through a series of tips and techniques that successful companies have used to achieve Best In Class performance in this area.

We’ll discuss the smart Manager’s role in perishables profit optimization, how proper sanitation techniques can help you achieve increased perishables profit and lots more.

Whether it’s produce, dairy, meat, deli, seafood, bakery or floral, there is a direct correlation between merchandising display and sales…but there are pitfalls along the way… so beware.

“The smartest way to minimize Perishable Shrink is to sell it… and sell it while it’s FRESH!”

This informative White Paper Report examines the vital impact points that must be implemented if you’re going to get the most profit from your perishables departments.



In this report, you’ll learn:

  • An invaluable chart that will help you determine your current shrink loss rating from high-to-low in each of your seven perishable departments
  • The 8 Process Effectiveness Checkpoints required to optimize Perishable Department profits
  • 3 quick ways to reduce your perishable shrink by 6-14%
  • The 7 sources of shrink loss in each of your primary perishables departments and the average percentage of total department shrink loss for each source
  • 6 effective methods for reducing meat department shrink
  • A table of optimal refrigeration temperatures for meat, produce and dairy cases
  • The 8 basic steps you must follow to optimize your perishable shrink control efforts
  • 2 perishable shrink loss case histories and how one company added over $32,000 in saved margin losses to its bottom line.

An information-packed, eye-opening Report that you need to put into the hands of every LP, Store and District Manager


Driving Store Profits With Perishables – Price: $55

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