Facts, Stats & Shrink-Control Best Practices

Facts, Stats & Shrink-Control Best Practices

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Facts can be enlightening…Stats can be downright BORING…but a truly energized Loss Prevention effort combines the two with proven Best Practices to make a significant, positive difference in the success of your business future.

The challenge is to educate with facts and statistics that demonstrate the patterns and trends of your shrink…then use that information to train for preemptive prevention and control with smart, efficient, executable Best Practices that support the roles of every employee in your mandate to cut shrink, drive sales and improve cash flow.

This important session begins with the facts about shrink loss in supermarkets…straight from the longest-running National Supermarket Shrink Survey research in the industry.

Then we go beyond the facts and statistics to clearly show where the shrink is…explain what causes it…expose the most common control breakdowns to avoid …and most importantly, explain what works best to cut your shrink, improve your sales and motivate your employees to want to be a part of your solution!

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Only 56% of Managers follow disciplined Store Walks every day. We’ll show you how to improve that performance by up to 39% in just 30 days.
  • Learn to infuse new shrink control habits into the minds and daily practices used by your Managers and employees
  • Reduce cashier theft by up to 18% in just 90 days
  • Cut your vendor theft by up to 11% in fewer than 60 days
  • Train new-hires to Think Shrink as you introduce and implement an all-new, more effective Culture of Control
  • Engage suspected shoplifters in a positive way that won’t offend legitimate
  • Customers as it makes your shoplifters want to go elsewhere
  • Break the Technology Bind that could be stopping you reaping the full benefits of your technological investments

This is a 3-hour session
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