FMS Solutions and ProfitTrax BI Partner to Provide Total Store Profit Improvement

BALTIMORE, MD:     FMS Solutions ( has partnered with ProfitTrax BI ( to provide grocers extended operational best practices training and advanced analytics for Total Store Profit Improvement.

This partnership will give hundreds of independent grocers the opportunity to connect with the ProfitTrax Profit Improvement Platform. Together, the ProfitTrax Best Practice Training Services and Best-in-Class Retail Operations/Loss Prevention analytics are a very unique and powerful combination. Retailers of all sizes will now have access to an affordable, best-in-class business intelligence and a natural language analytics platform to improve their topline sales, while reducing their bottom-line shrink for new, competitive advantage.

According to Bob Graybill, CEO of FMS, “this will be an excellent combined service for our retailers. As our clients know, FMS only partners with companies that provide value for our retailers because in today’s competitive environment, no one has time to waste. In this case, we feel ProfitTrax BI and their Best Practice Training definitely help retailers to grow their profit. The team at ProfitTrax are leading subject matter experts in both of these vital areas. With the combined knowledge of FMS and ProfitTrax we are very excited to work with the team at ProfitTrax.”

Larry Miller, President at Smart Retail Solutions said, “we are very excited to Partner with FMS to help their retailers protect and grow their sales and profit. We have been friends with FMS for over 15 years and now is the perfect time for our companies to Partner. With our profit improvement guarantee, we promise to reduce store shrink 15% (to grow profit) and out of stocks 20% (to grow sales) in under 120 days. Additionally, our Variety Analysis, Ordering and Inventory Analysis and Centralized Cashier Performance Monitoring will add to each retailer’s ability to grow. With Amazon and other competitors forcing the evolution of the marketplace, retailers must act to protect and grow their businesses. FMS and ProfitTrax are committed to work together to help all retailers succeed.”


Smart Retail Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Business Intelligence Software for Retail Operators. SRS integrates Store Operations Best Practices within their Data Analytics to encourage positive behavior change throughout the Enterprise. ProfitTrax BI - the premier BI Software developed by Smart Retail Solutions - interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, generates Natural Language Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science and guarantees profit improvement and workforce productivity optimization in 120 Days. ProfitTrax focuses on improving Operational Effectiveness by increasing Top Line Sales while reducing Bottom Line Shrink Loss.

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Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, FMS Solutions Holdings LLC ( provides over 4,200 independent retail grocers and independent supermarket operations with financial, accounting and consulting services such as industry benchmarking, best practices and mission-critical decision support throughout the United States, Canada and in the Caribbean.

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