Known Loss Control Program Guide

Larry Miller’s Known Loss Control Program Guide will help you get control of damaged, distressed, discontinued, close-dated or outdated merchandise.


Research also indicates that when properly implemented, a carefully formulated and followed Known Loss Control Program can reduce your overall store shrink by as much as 7% to 14%. A significant number for most retailers.

This Guide will provide you with an excellent, step-by-step framework for building your own Known Loss program. It will test your Loss Prevention resolve as it helps you think your way through your vendor credit practices, perishable shrink loss controls, cooler code dating & audit controls and lots more.

Your Roadmap to Better Control of Known Losses

  • 17 Tips for District & Store Managers
  • 18 rules for processing damaged and outdated merchandise
  • 5 procedures for controlling store-use products
  • Dozens of other rules, tips and techniques that every Manager should know
  • PLUS – examples of invaluable forms that you can use to control your Known Losses, including step-by-step procedures for setting them up and using them


You’ll also find a seemingly endless supply of Best Practices ideas and tips that are sure to help you gain better control of your damaged, distressed, discontinued, close-dated or outdated merchandise and store-use product inventories along your way.

Control your Known Losses and you’ll be well on your way to building your stores’ profits.

In-depth research has shown that only a small percentage of companies have formally defined procedures for controlling Known Losses in their stores.

We even provide example forms and reports to make the job easier for you.

Clearly, a MUST-HAVE book for any Loss Prevention Library


Known Loss Control Program Guide – Price: $89

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