Learn 7 Quick Loss Prevention Audits in Under 45 Minutes

Learn 7 Quick Loss Prevention Audits in Under
45 minutes

If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you can expect the results you’ve always gotten ! Great managers “see” and “feel” things that average managers don’t. They are connected to their operations and know
when a control point is vulnerable or a best practice isn’t being followed. You can make immediate and permanent profit and loss control impact in your stores if you will just teach your managers to “see” and “feel” what the points of profit loss are and how to cause them to be “under control”.

Your auditors will learn:

  • The 6 vital control points that you can see and affect in four key departments…in a matter of seconds !
  • The 30 minute Quick Spot Audit that’s certain to increase your audit presence
  • The 18 top-rated Best Practices for improving management behavior and eliminating grocery, perishables and self-checkout shrink

Available in 90-minute or 3-hour versions
…and adaptable for managers, LP specialists & auditors
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