Managers Guide to Loss Prevention

This 250-page Manager’s Guide To Loss Prevention is the definitive industry textbook on the subject and, more than any other book, deserves to be the foundation book in your LP library

The underlying theme of this text is the development of a company-wide culture of loss prevention that empowers managers with the intellectual capital they need to introduce and oversee best practices and strategies that have been proven to minimize and virtually eliminate store losses caused by theft, errors and product mishandling.

This is a true powerhouse textbook, jam-packed with charts, graphs, tables, forms, illustrations, often-overlooked insights and more than 80 Best Practices that you can start using immediately to create a proactive culture of Loss Prevention that will lead you and your stores to the achievement of every Manager’s goal…

More Profitable Performance

Authored by Ken Marquis and Larry Miller for Cornell University, this large format, hard cover textbook is your best single resource for increasing your knowledge of the loss prevention process as you work to build your stores’ profits. It has been developed to serve as the basis for a Food Industry Management Distance Education Program course that has helped hundreds (if not thousands) of managers enhance their overall knowledge of LP and, as a result, deal more effectively with the shrink problems that plague their stores.

Manager’s Guide to Loss Prevention – Price: $99

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Contained within it’s 12 in-depth chapters, you’ll find:

From Security to Loss Prevention – LP as a business strategy ♦The profit/shrink relationship ♦Why & where shrink occurs ♦How it occurs & why it matters ♦Why it’s important that all employees work to help stop it

Understanding Shrink – What it is ♦What contributes to it ♦How it’s calculated & measured ♦Perishable shrink ♦How to use industry benchmarks to help stop it

Creating a Culture of Loss Prevention Making LP a priority ♦Creating shrink-oriented Managers & establishing their roles ♦LP & the Store Associate ♦What works best to stop Shrink ♦Prosecution as a theft deterrent ♦Shrink auditing basics

Employee Theft – The scope of the problem ♦The Metaphor of the Ledger ♦Types of employee theft & how to prevent them ♦Dishonesty warning signs & theft indicators ♦Theft opportunities by area & how thieves use them ♦Policies that deter internal theft

Preventing Employee Errors – Hot spots for employee errors & how to reduce and eliminate them ♦How to increase Front-End accuracy ♦ Exception reporting ♦Disciplinary guidelines

Customer-Related Losses – Check cashing basics ♦Types of bad checks & how to prevent check losses ♦Counterfeiting ♦Check collection ♦Coupon fraud & other front-end customer scams ♦Returns & return fraud

Shoplifting – What shoplifting is ♦Who shoplifts, why they do it & when they do it ♦Observing potential shoplifters, approaching them, apprehending them & documenting your apprehensions ♦Effective strategies for prevention

Receiving Shrink – Vendor dishonesty & accounting mistakes ♦Distribution centers, DSD deliveries & wholesale deliveries ♦Locks & seals ♦The importance of Receivers

Preventing Perishable Shrink – Perishable production shrink & other perishable shrink ♦Controlling perishable inventory

♦Using displays to maximize sales & minimize shrink ♦The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System (HACCP)

Nonperishable Shrink Prevention – Known shrink, unknown shrink & how to control both ♦Effective inventory control

Robbery & Burglary – Robbery defined, important robbery statistics, preventing robberies & reacting to them ♦Burglary defined, important burglary statistics, ways burglary happens in the supermarket environment & how to secure your premises

Technology & Communication – Today’s supermarket environment ♦Advances in technology ♦Linking The Four Corners of a supermarket together ♦LP technologies ♦Electronic payment systems ♦The internet ♦Communicating LP concerns & packaging LP requests

PLUS – an 18-page Glossary, covering the 250 most-often used Loss Prevention terms

The best, most thorough resource for expanding your Loss Prevention knowledge base.