Preventing Perishable Shrink

In today’s supermarkets and convenience stores, perishables set the tone for store quality and are often the direct cause & effect for customer loyalty. Much of your stores’ personality and brand is determined by your relationships with your customers and their feelings about your perishable products.

While shrink caused by spoilage, employee theft, shoplifting, improper handling, excessive display techniques, poor inventory management, and inefficient ordering is inherent in perishable departments, you must know how much is too much.

In this session, you’ll discover the importance of Loss Prevention leadership, what’s a normal amount of shrink and which successful practices will help you reduce perishable shrink while growing your stores’ sales and customer loyalty.

Your people will learn:

  • How conducting a 12-point daily/weekly shrink audit will help ensure excellent perishable shrink prevention results
  • How managers can write smarter orders that will ensure optimal freshness and variety
  • How employees should handle perishables to assure quality
  • How to properly record Known Losses to promote and support informed management decision making
  • How to protect your stores from cashier mistakes that will rob your perishables profits
  • How to optimize perishables production to assure the highest quality and customer service readiness
  • How to implement a simple cooler control system that’s guaranteed to improve your bottom line profits

This is a 90-minute session

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