The Complete Guide to Back Door Receiving


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Here’s an in-depth, step-by-step Guide to putting the brakes on shrink by improving the procedures and controls that are proven to help you get what you pay for at your back door

This powerhouse 75-page Guidebook covers a wealth of precise ‘how to’ practices and procedures for backdoor receiving. Written for Store & Department Managers and Receivers, it offers a comprehensive look at proper receiving techniques and safeguards to help you prevent receiving shrink and promote the improvement of profits in your stores.

You’ll learn:

  • How to maintain better, tighter controls over your receiving
  • How to assure proper cost-of-goods received vs. invoiced
  • How to ensure the accuracy of received quantities
  • How to assure accurate incoming gross margins
  • How to assure that all items received are authorized
  • How to be sure received merchandise meets quality standards

You’ll get loads of great, must-know information, PLUS:

  • 7 sample signs & forms to help you post company policies & control the receipt of merchandise
  • 12 vendor standards for proper shelf maintenance
  • A checklist for equipment function & repairs, plus a repair contact list
  • 17 tips for backdoor safety
  • 12 tips for back room security
  • 5 tips for controlling your known losses
  • Back room layout diagrams & lots more

Here’s more of what you’ll discover within the pages of this important Guide

  • Building a better understanding of retail shrink
  • How to select a trusted DSD Receiver
  • An example Receiver’s job description
  • How to train a Receiver for optimal performance
  • The ideal times & places to receive merchandise
  • Preparing for the receiving process & maintaining controls
  • How to receive DSD deliveries & verify DSD credits
  • Special procedures for receiving beer & wines
  • End-Of-Day & End-Of-Week procedures for maintaining systems & reviewing profits
  • How to resolve discrepancies
  • All about product authorization & promotional allowances
  • Instituting & managing administrative controls
  • Receiving wholesale product
  • Controlling your known losses

Be certain that you get what you pay for at your back door!

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