ProfitTrax AI Releases Breakthrough Category Management and Optimization Toolkit

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Smart Retail Solutions, creators of the ProfitTrax Profit Improvement System – the industry leader in Enterprise Augmented Intelligence and behavioral Best Practices Training – has announced the release of its all-new analytics toolkit to simplify Category Management and Optimization.

ProfitTrax introduced “The Merchant,” a Category Optimization module to help retailers to easily enhance Category Management and SKU Rationalization by revealing high value opportunities for guaranteed sales and gross margin improvement coupled with guaranteed Shrink Reduction.

The Merchant provides Retailers with intuitive, actionable direction to improve store availability of top selling items, reduce out of stocks and support Smart Ordering/Production Planning and Display Space Allocations in all departments while optimizing Inventory Turns.

According to Larry Miller, President at SRS and creator of the ProfitTrax AI System, “Category Management is a vital business practice and retailers need a fast, easy and very cost effective way to optimize variety for sales and profit. The new ProfitTrax Merchant module is exactly that: fast, easy, and very cost-effective, guaranteeing 100% ROI in just 12-16 weeks. The Merchant serves buyers, merchandisers and category managers across the Retail Enterprise to optimize retail sets and selling mix and provides single click drill-down to support SKU rationalization initiatives and increase category profitability at the company, store and department levels from the ProfitTrax AI Command Dashboard.”

Within the ProfitTrax AI Command Dashboard, SRS details that there are 6 Easy Ways to Improve Profit:

1. Compare store-to-store, item-level Variety Sales and Shrink Loss to improve profitable selling mix.
2. Quickly increase Category Profitability with the all new PSA Analyzer to improve Top Selling Item profitability.
3. SKU Rationalize every department quickly to adjust shelf and case space allocations to optimize sales.
4. See your Top 1000 Profit Losers in the all-new Shrink Reduction Analyzer.
5. Adjust shelf sets to help assure in-stock conditions and reduce missed sales of Top Selling Items.
6. Help stores to write smarter orders and improve production planning and space allocation.

According to John Stanze, Director of Operations at Cosentino’s Food Stores, “The ProfitTrax System is our chosen tool to unleash best practices execution and enthusiasm within our store teams, store supervisors, and corporate product directors. We are very excited to add the new Merchant feature – in particular the Production Planning and Space Allocation logic. This new Merchant module will provide our Operations and Merchandising teams a proactive approach to improving category profitability and shrink reduction. Using the ProfitTrax AI System of best-in-class Business Intelligence and Best Practices Training has been a total profit-maker for us, and the ROI has exceeded all expectations. The analytics built into the Merchant is a great addition.”

The Team at SRS is inviting Senior Merchandising Executives nationwide to preview the ProfitTrax Merchant in a private 20-Minute online demonstration. To schedule your free demonstration of The Merchant, you can email Larry Miller directly at or call (602) 448-8500.

ProfitTrax is the flagship Profit Improvement BI and Best Practices Training “Action Alert” Solution developed by Smart Retail Solutions. ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, SaaS, Enterprise-wide Business Intelligence solution that guarantees sales improvement, shrink reduction, customer experience improvement and sustainable store profit improvement. The ProfitTrax advanced analytics interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and produces Plain English Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science. For more information, please visit:

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