SCOTTSDALE, AZ:  ProfitTrax – the premier cloud-based Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform for Retail – has announced the release of its all new Cashier Performance Monitoring (CPMS) Module for the ProfitTrax BI Platform.

After a successful soft preview of the new generation POS Cashier Performance Monitoring Solution, the Smart Retail Solutions Team will be debuting the fully-integrated Cashier Performance Monitoring ProfitTrax BI Module at the upcoming National Grocers Association Show in Las Vegas. Led by the original creators of the ShrinkTrax Cashier Performance Monitoring System that identified cashier-caused shrink for nearly 10,000 Store Users, the ProfitTrax CPMS unveiling will demonstrate the new module’s familiar ease-of-use merged with modern interfacing and next-gen features.

The ProfitTrax Cashier Performance Monitoring module includes:

  1. Built-in Dashboard Visualizations
  2. Natural Language-Generated Shrink Alerts Targeting Under-Performing Cashiers
  3. Multi-Aspect POS and Cashier Transaction Profile Management
  4. Specialized Query, Correlation Analytics and Alerts Linked to Gross Margin Erosion

“ProfitTrax already provides excellent direction to Operations, Loss Prevention and Merchandisers for improving Operational Effectiveness by increasing Top Line Sales while reducing Bottom Line Shrink Loss,” commented Larry Miller, President of Smart Retail Solutions, “our new ProfitTrax CPMS module compliments our whole-store approach to enterprise profit improvement. We are looking forward to sharing the ProfitTrax CPMS with our prior ShrinkTrax users and demonstrating its seamless integration with the ProfitTrax BI Platform for Sales and Profit Optimization and Fresh Shrink Reduction. ShrinkTrax users will enjoy a very cost effective and intuitive upgrade to the ProfitTrax Platform that gives them near-real time Action Alerts to help users streamline workflow and improve storewide best practice execution. We created this Enterprise BI to exceed traditional exception-based reporting systems improve store walk effectiveness, increase inventory productivity, mitigate out of stocks, and now, alert leadership on cashier performance.”


Smart Retail Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Business Intelligence Software for Retail Operators. Unlike other BI Providers, SRS integrates Store Operations Best Practices within their Data Analytics to encourage positive behavior change throughout the Enterprise. Smart Retail Solutions is the only SaaS Provider in the Retail Industry that guarantees profit improvement and workforce productivity optimization in just 90 Days. ProfitTrax BI - the premier BI Software developed by Smart Retail Solutions - interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and generates Natural Language Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science. ProfitTrax focuses on improving Operational Effectiveness by increasing Top Line Sales while reducing Bottom Line Shrink Loss.

SRS Media Contact

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Director of Marketing
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