SCOTTSDALE, AZ  – ProfitTrax BI is proud to announce the addition of 6 New Sales Growth Analytics to its Store Manager Command Center Dashboards, Plain English Reporting and Smart Analytics for Total Store Profit Improvement. These upgrades show Managers how to Reduce Shrink 15-18%, Reduce Out of Stock Items by 20% and Grow Store Sales by 2%.

ProfitTrax is built to streamline and simplify workflow and provide immediate answers to Store Teams and Supervisors for how fix store performance shortfalls. To these ends, ProfitTrax Users now have access to 6 new competitive advantages to help stores to grow sales, reduce shrink and improve the customer shopping experience.

6 Ways ProfitTrax Helps to Grow Your Sales & Profit:

  1. Enhanced Store Performance Scorecards (Cross-functional KPI Scoring for Sales, Shrink, Inventory, OOS and more)
  2. All-New Variety Analysis Alert Analytics to Grow Sales (Every Department – Focus on Fresh!)
  3. All-New High Demand Item Daily Alert Analytics to Assure In-stocks for Items your shoppers want most (Every Department)
  4. Centralized Cashier Performance Monitoring for Theft, Fraud, and Speed of Customer Service – FREE with ProfitTrax
  5. All-New Top Selling Item Monitoring correlated with Known Loss, Out of Stocks, and Action Alerts (Every Department)
  6. Best-In-Class Cross-functional Dashboards for Stores, Supervisors, Merchandisers, etc. (Access Anytime Anywhere)

Managers get daily, Plain English direction for how to grow sales and reduce shrink. According to Larry Miller, creator of ProfitTrax, “these new Prescriptive Analytic components simplify and focus every Store Manager’s work day by automatically analyze store sales mix, missed sales, correlated shrink loss patterns and Alert Managers every day in Plain English to Performance Shortfalls and what Action need to be taken to improve. In fact, our last implementation yielded a 12:1 ROI in just 12 weeks.”

If you haven’t yet seen the immediate and sustainable improvement brought to life by Natural Language Analytics & Alerts, please call (602)448-8500 for a Demo.


Smart Retail Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Business Intelligence Software for Retail Operators. Unlike other BI Providers, SRS integrates Store Operations Best Practices within their Data Analytics to encourage positive behavior change throughout the Enterprise. Smart Retail Solutions is the only SaaS Provider in the Retail Industry that guarantees profit improvement and workforce productivity optimization in just 90 Days. ProfitTrax BI - the premier BI Software developed by Smart Retail Solutions - interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and generates Natural Language Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science. ProfitTrax focuses on improving Operational Effectiveness by increasing Top Line Sales while reducing Bottom Line Shrink Loss.

SRS Media Contact

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Director of Marketing
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