ProfitTrax Launches Augmented Intelligence for Team Profit Improvement

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Larry Miller and his team at Smart Retail Solutions have released a brand new update to their ProfitTrax Platform. ProfitTrax Augmented Intelligence instantly operationalizes store data and transforms it into natural language Action Steps which operators can implement on their daily Store Walks to improve Gross Margins.

Data Analytics are everywhere, but are people using it effectively? SRS has spent over 2 years developing a new generation of Augmented Intelligence to instantly operationalize store data and transform it into plain English StoreWalk Action Steps to improve Gross Margins.

This new Augmented Intelligence brings together human, experience-based perspectives and machine perspectives to improve and speed-up both strategic and tactical action decisions and guide immediate and long-term Sales and Profit Improvement in every dept of every store. It all comes together with our ProfitTrax TEAM-UP process. ProfitTrax AI wakes up every morning before you do to pre-process and interpret your storewide data and automatically communicate Profit Improvement direction to desktop or mobile devices in text.

With ProfitTrax, Operations, Asset Protection and Merchandising are empowered with natural language Action Directives designed to help store teams and Product Specialists see, understand the root causes of their shrink loss and to act quickly and decisively to grow sales, reduce shrink loss and mitigate out of stocks to improve storewide gross margins.

Larry Miller and his businesses have designed Profit Improvement programs for retailers for nearly 40 years. “If you continue to do what you have been doing you will continue to get similar results, but if you want to break through your current sales and profit margins, something must change,” explains Larry Miller.

According to Miller, “we all know that times change, markets change, and the talent in our stores change. Retailers must constantly be training and providing the best, smartest tools to help store teams to adapt and innovate to achieve breakthrough sales and profit.”

12-Week Case Study ROI Results:

Actual ProfitTrax Implementation Case Study Produce 7:1 ROI

Retailer Comment: “Now we have Operations, Asset Protection and Merchandising all working with one system. ProfitTrax has cut our report reading/analysis by 40-50% and its plain English analytics gives our store teams excellent ‘what to do next’ direction. The SRS Shrink Mitigation TEAM-UP process has helped us to collaborate to simplify our processes to grow our gross margin. It’s been excellent for us.” (name withheld, but available by request)

According to Dawn Gammon at ProfitTrax – I’ve served as Senior Customer Profitability Coach at ShrinkTrax and VP, Retail Operation Consultants at March Networks. I have never seen improvement achieved so quickly and with sustainable results as the ProfitTrax/SMT solution delivers.

8 Unique Features of ProfitTrax Augmented Intelligence

  • Augmented Intelligence that merges human and machine perspectives into one Smart Solution that is easy to learn and fast to implement because everything impacting operational performance is all in one place and in plain English.
  • Eliminates many existing spreadsheets, reports, emails and clicks around disconnected programs.
  • 210 variable combinations of data driven Best Practice Action Alerts that when followed will disrupt sales deficiencies and/or shrink loss.
  • Unlimited customizable / personalized Conditional Profiling Alerts.
  • Enterprise wide and industry specific logic tailored to role specific users.
  • Multi-dimensional algorithms to identify opportunity conditions.
  • In-depth User Training for ProfitTrax AI Software and Operational Best Practices.
  • Built-in Video Training Library for “at a click” Best Practice refresher training.

About Smart Retail Solutions
ProfitTrax is the flagship Augmented Intelligence / BI Profit Improvement and Best Practices Training Solution created by Smart Retail Solutions. ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, SaaS, Enterprise Business Intelligence solution that guarantees to simplify store operations and loss prevention practices, improve sales, reduce shrink loss 15% and add up to 12% gross margin for sustainable store profit improvement. ProfitTrax Augmented Intelligence interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and produces daily Plain English “Action Alerts” using proprietary Narrative Science. For more information, please visit: or call (602) 448-8500.

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