ROI of Shrink Reduction

This report will show you how to make Extreme Loss Prevention an on-going process that engages the entire culture of your company and not merely a short-term event


We’ll outline the proven 3-step Extreme Loss Prevention process that will help you to save up to 61% more of your shrink than an average performing company that struggles along, without following this process!

We’ll highlight three case studies, demonstrating how these companies established and executed the shrink reduction programs that helped them achieve ELP-class results.

Learn how to raise your standards and dedicate your organization to stopping the behaviors that cause your shrink.

Extreme Loss Prevention (ELP) occurs when a store or company achieves Best In Class shrink loss control in three out of four financial accounting periods, and in so doing, achieves a clear competitive advantage in its marketplace.



In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • The 6 corporate shrink-reduction goals that will make the most significant difference in the achievement of your objectives
  • The 3-step ELP process that successful industry leaders employ to reduce their store shrink
  • The 7-point system one company followed to reduce their stores’ shrink by 25% over an 18-month period
  • The Execution & Accountability Imperative that will make a significant difference in your quest for ELP performance
  • 6 proven steps to Excellence in Execution that will help you achieve profit-building ELP in your company.

A Must-Read Report for all LP Managers, Store Managers and District Managers


Extreme Shrink Prevention – Price: $55

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