Shrink Prevention Leadership

A Must-Have compendium of the proven Best Practices successful Leaders use to PREVENT Shrink Loss rather than investigate or catch the perpetrators, after the fact.


In today’s retail world, loss prevention is really the business of profit optimization or realization. But for many years, that wasn’t the case. Loss Prevention once meant…”wait for the bad guy to do something wrong and then hope that you can catch him/her with post-fraud or theft investigation”. That’s not loss prevention ~ it’s loss catching.

In this informative white paper report, you’ll learn how you can’t catch your way to lower shrink. Rather, the new Loss Prevention Leadership requires that you change the behaviors of the employees who cause the shrink in your stores by teaching them better habits, rewarding shrink-retarding actions and introducing new practices that promote improved profitability.

“Loss Prevention only occurs when a loss is prevented before it happens by implementing programs, practices and technologies that change human behaviors.”

This important report takes a close look at the three different shrink detection / prevention methodologies that represent the predominant schools of thought in retail today …



In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How Management’s attitude can be the vital and essential catalyst for the achievement of your Loss Prevention goals
  • The 5 common traits successful Loss Prevention Leaders exhibit and employ to improve company profitability
  • How to build a top performing Loss Prevention foundation to serve as the proactive mechanism of change for your organization
  • The 5 cultural characteristics and Best Practices effective LP Leaders employ to reduce their store shrink
  • The 8 keys to lasting Loss Prevention
    How company-wide shrink awareness and commitment will do far more to stop your store shrink than technology alone could ever hope to achieve

Successful LP Leadership doesn’t simply occur – it must be taught to create and support A Culture of Behavioral Change within the organization


Shrink Prevention Leadership
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