Shrink-Trax ~ New Seminar


Breathe new life into your Cashier Productivity and Shrink Prevention

By now, we all realize that Cashier theft, errors and fraud cause an estimated 32% of all store shrink. And research proves that technology alone is only a part of the solution.

Whether you use ShrinkTrax®, XBR®, Aspect®, Retail Expert® or some other technology, you are not getting the most from your technology investment if your team doesn’t use it most effectively. That’s where the expert Trainers from Retail Control come in.

First, we are the original creators of the Shrink Trax technology and expert behavior modification processes used in THOUSANDS of stores worldwide. Second, NO OTHER COMPANY has trained more store managers and loss prevention teams to store store shrink than we have. THIRD, WE GUARANTEE OUR RESULTS!!!* Our trainers will guide your training and implementation / execution effectiveness.

This is a 3-part series store manager workshop designed to disrupt cashier theft, identify POS shrink-causing practices, and reduce cashier sweethearting, sliding, under-ringing and discounting.

EVERY STORE HAS CASHIER THEFT. 18% of cashiers knowingly cause shrink in the best of stores and as much as 62% of cashiers are engaged in shrink causing activity in severely shrink-challenged stores.

We target to improve the top 7 KPI’s known to indicate shrink causing activity and train your managers and company to shine the spotlight on deviant or abnormal cashier activity in a productive and non-confrontational way.

This program is designed to reduce your cashier caused shrink by 60% in just the first 45 days, when you follow our recommended Best Practices,

Training also addresses 5 ways to improve cashier productivity and stresses 8 new Best Practices for Customer Service Excellence.

Let the expert Trainers from the Retail Control Group help you breathe new life into your profit building efforts. Call today!

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