Smart Auditors’ Auditing Practices… NOT Just Policies

Smart Auditors’ Auditing Practices…NOT Just Policies

In order for things to change, YOU have to change ! Auditors need to go beyond mere auditing to ensure policy compliance. They need to understand the business and operational reasons why policies are created…why they fail…the behavioral issues that affect policy compliance…and how the auditor’s questions can serve to empower the morale of compliance rather than inhibit it.

In this session, your auditors will learn:

  • Why and how they should be auditing your managers’ daily practices
    33 ways your cashiers steal from you and the audit points you should be using to prevent those losses
  • The top 12 auditable business analytics that you should know
  • 16 Best Practices questions that every audit should include

Available in 90-minute or 3-hour versions
…and adaptable for managers, LP specialists & auditors
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