The Focus on FRESH

Are your Loss Prevention and Shrink Prevention efforts appropriately focused on FRESH? Do you know the Top 5 Operational Best Practices for FRESH Shrink Prevention?

Recent research shows that FRESH shrink can often be reduced by 15-18% when companies take a new, FRESH look at where their shrink loss is, what exactly is causing it and when their team might be open to FRESH new ideas and practices.

When it comes to growing sales and profit, FRESH is key. FRESH is where the greatest sales growth and customer loyalty come from and FRESH is also where nearly 65% of your store shrink is.

There are 7 primary and possible points of failure in FRESH shrink prevention and #1 among them is Smart Ordering. So, if your FRESH shrink is higher than you want it to be, than there is a good chance that Smarter Ordering is a good place to start. This is how we begin our training of Store Managers. For more information, write me at

That’s my thought for the day for how to REDUCE FRESH SHRINK and INCREASE PROFIT.

What do you think?