The Profit Driven Manager

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Store Managers are the centerpiece of a strong store operations control system. But, like all of us, the habits they practice are not always the best. They need to be challenged to spend their time in the most productive ways.

In this leading-edge training, Managers & Supervisors will discover new ways to collaborate and team-up for smarter shrink prevention, more productive daily practices, smart StoreWalk™ disciplines and a PROFIT-FOCUSED approach to improved Store Manager engagement in the pursuit of increased profit and improved customer satisfaction.

Recent research indicates

Only 39% of Managers regularly conduct disciplined, “purposeful” store inspections
Only 54% of Managers conduct disciplined StoreWalk™ inspections every day
Only 56% of Managers feel that they are a welcomed part of perishables department management
68% of all store shrink can be prevented with proper execution of proven Best Practices
72% of all Managers will embrace new practices that they believe will make them more effective…providing they also believe that their company is truly in support of their efforts and not just adding more work

In the Profit-Driven Manager training, Managers & Supervisors will learn about…

Redefining the roles of the Store Manager
7 Profit Drivers the Profit-Driven Manager must know, understand and use
How to conduct a 30-Minute Perishable Controls Daily Audit to add profit
The real sources of Perishable Shrink — and how to control them
The 5 proven Keys to Excellent Store Management
9 important Best Practices for effective Perishables Management
What Managers need to SEE and DO on their Daily StoreWalk™
How to make Loss Prevention a Team Sport

…..and much more!

This is a fast-paced, FUN and truly eye-opening program for companies that want their Managers and Supervisors to operate at new, higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness. This training is highly recommended for Company Presidents, VPs of Operations, Heads of Loss Prevention, Perishable Supervisors, District Managers and Store Managers.

The Profit-Driven Manager is offered in variable formats. For lasting, high-profit results, we recommend a year-long program comprising 3-4 cycles of 8 or 12 weeks with breaks between to implement the learning. We can also deliver 90 minute and 3-hour versions of the Profit-Driven Manager, for action-packed results.