Where’s The Shrink – All About Shrink Awareness

Where’s The Shrink:
All About Shrink Awareness

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Effective shrink prevention begins with management shrink awareness training. If your store managers aren’t supporting your efforts, your chances for success will be reduced.

In this session, your managers will learn:

  • How to launch a new era in shrink reduction initiatives
  • What to look for and where to find the shrink in your stores
  • How to walk the talk of shrink prevention through the planned store walk
  • How to communicate shrink loss control to employees
  • The 12 Best Practices for fast, immediate shrink reduction
  • The top 20 Best Practices for fulfilling profit goals
  • How to effectively see, feel and measure your LP efforts
  • How to engage your store team to help you achieve your shrink reduction objectives
  • How to use proven controls, best practices and behavioral change to hit your desired profit numbers

This is a 90-minute session
…and is ideal for state & national association meetings, wholesaler/retailer meetings & for training Managers, LP specialists & Auditors
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