ProfitTrax is the Only Retail BI Solution
that Guarantees Up to 25% More Profit
and a 5:1 ROI in 120 Days










Learn How We Guarantee Your Profit

Make Sense of Your Data with ProfitTrax

ProfitTrax is a cloud-based Enterprise BI Platform for Retail Operations that guarantees total store profit improvement and sustains labor productivity to help Store Teams to Run Smarter Stores.

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Enterprise Dashboards
for Store Operations

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Daily Natural Language
Action Alerts

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Ad Hoc Reporting &
Query for Power Users

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Store-Specific Goal
Setting & Comparison

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Support for Best
Practice Compliance

ProfitTrax interprets and correlates data from Disparate Retail Systems to produce Natural Language Corrective Action Alerts

Intuitively Visualize Operational Effectiveness Enterprise-Wide with the Command Dashboard

As the landing zone for every ProfitTrax User, Command is uniquely designed to visualize Key Performance Indicators that show users how to Improve Sales, Reduce Shrink, Improve Inventory Turns and reduce store Out of Stocks.

Command grades operational performance vs. goals and allows for instant drill downs to granular details to help operators Run Better Stores.

ProfitWalk: The Next Generation of StoreWalk Compliance Checklists

ProfitWalk uses exclusive, Operationalized BI Data and Behavioral Analytics to help Managers Run Better Stores each and every day!

By empowering store managers with data-driven best practice “Action Alerts” in Natural Language, the ProfitWalk Profit Improvement process helps to guarantee profit improvement in just 12 weeks.

As a part of the ProfitTrax Platform, ProfitWalk utilizes over 280 Operational Data Points to correlate both positive and negative data trends with their Behavioral Causes to give Operators specific direction to resolve sales and profit shortfalls.

Only ProfitWalk is Designed for Operators to ensure daily Best Practice compliance in all Store Departments to Optimize Sales, Improve Inventory Turns and mitigate Shrink Loss and Out of Stocks.

WIZARD: Unlimited Power to Query & Report on What You Want Whenever You Want It

Users can design Cross-Functional Exception-Based Reports, Query Receipts from the Point of Sale, or Create a Custom Report on Store, District, Region or Company Performance.

Slice it, dice it, drill-down into it, graph it, export it, schedule it and email it.

With WIZARD you can use our KPI’s or create new ones … all without disturbing your IT Department.

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David Ball

David Ball

President, Ball's Food Stores

"The last 5 months have exceeded my expectations. Meat shrink is down 21%, Produce shrink is down 18%, Deli shrink is down 12%, and net Cash Flow has improved considerably. Over the years we have used many consultants, but none more inspiring and operationally focused than you guys."