Smart Retail Solutions is the parent company of the ProfitTrax® and Scan-it ® Systems and Expert Store Team Training Systems.
ProfitTrax guarantees up to 15-18% shrink reduction and sales gain for up to 200 basis points of added gross margin.

About ProfitTrax:

Much more than just more data, we guarantee to simplify your Operations to improve the use of your data. We Train your Teams to improve their Daily practices to Increase Gross Margins without raising prices.

ProfitTrax consolidates and interprets Disparate store data to present an all-in-one Dashboard for Operations, Merchandising and Loss Prevention, Streamlining data access and providing easy use, plain English, “how to” direction to improve Store Team and Merchandiser effectiveness to grow sales and profit without raising prices.

Expert Training:

Only SRS provides PT users expert operational and technical BP training. This is one of the keys to being able to guarantee your implementation effectiveness and 5:1 ROI.

About Scan-it:

Scan-it is a Store Ordering, Data and Inventory capture solution operating on mobile scan guns. Scan-it mobilizes Store Teams to Tracks Known Shrink Loss, in-store Markdowns and Out of Stocks, capture Inventory and track movement, enables CAO, and more. Scan-it is cloud-based, fully WIFI enabled and easy to use.

Our Guarantee: The ProfitTrax System / Solution guarantees sales and profit improvement for a 5:1 ROI* in just 120 days.


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Larry Miller

President & CEO

Larry Miller is the results-driven creator of the ShrinkTrax Cashier Shrink Control program, the ProfitTrax Business Intelligence Solution for Total Store Profit Improvement, the Total Store Manager Best Practices training programs, and the Supermarket Shrink Survey. With over 40 years in retail store operations and shrink prevention, Larry has helped over 940 retailers worldwide to grow their profit with advanced Analytics Software and Store Operations Best Practices Training. Larry and the SRS Team created the ProfitTrax Retail BI Platform with Personalized Dashboards and Data-driven Action Alerts - guaranteeing to reduce store shrink by up to 15%, reduce OOS by up to 18%, and improve Store Manager store-walk effectiveness by 22% all to improve Gross Margins up to 20%. ProfitTrax uses advanced analytics and Natural Language reporting to score store performance and target areas needing improved store team best practice execution for visible profit gains and 4:1 ROI in just 120 Days.

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Steve Black

CEO & Founder,

Steve Black is a 45-year industry Executive having served as President, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Merchandising Officer in both conventional grocery and natural & organic format stores with direct responsibility for sales, margin and over-all profitability of companies he has led.

Larry Miller and his team at ProfitTrax wrap all vital analytics and best business processes together, them on easy to access mobile devices and train’s store teams to consistently execute daily best practices in every department, particularly in the fresh areas and prepared/hot foods.

I am honored to serve as Strategic Advisor to Larry and his Team at Smart Retail Solutions because I know first-hand that they deliver on their promise to help retailers grow sales and reduce store shrink 15% to grow gross margins.

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Dawn Gammon

Chief Operating Officer

Dawn has served the Retail Industry in operations and Loss Prevention capacities for 25 years. Throughout that time, she has worked for Trax Retail Solutions, March Networks, Inc., and Loss Prevention Works. Dawn is a relentless customer advocate, teaching, training, and coaching. Dawn is the Chief Operating Officer and VP of Customer Success for Smart Retail Solutions today. She is the Senior Team Lead for Shrink Prevention BI Implementation in Supermarkets, C-Store, Mass, Specialty, QSR, and Pharmacies.

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Steven Miller

Director, Brand Strategy

Steven Miller has served as the Director of Customer Profitability but is now the Director of Brand Strategy. Steven is a graduate of Tulane University. The teams he has led characterize him as passionate about innovative leadership practices, an organizational motivator, and driven by personal growth.