Cosentino’s Food Stores Selects the ProfitTrax System with Augmented Intelligence and Best Practices Training to Grow Sales and Profit

SCOTTSDALE, AZ:       Smart Retail Solutions a leading provider of the ProfitTrax Augmented Intelligence BI Software and Best Practices Training Solutions for retail Store Profit Improvement announced today that Cosentino’s Food Store of Kansas City has joined the growing Family of the ProfitTrax AI System users.

According to John Cosentino, Vice President of Cosentino’s Food Stores, “ProfitTrax is the most complete Store Operations Profit Improvement System we have seen. The software gives excellent “fix it” guidance with its plain English daily Action Alerts for StoreWalk and when you combine the best practices training for every store manager and supervisor – it’s a powerful combination. I am confident ProfitTrax will help focus our store teams and field merchandisers on the vital factors of profitable selling and improve our bottom line. The bottom line is this: I know we can do a better job of preventing shrink to grow our grosses and I know the ProfitTrax system will help us.”

John Stanze, Director of Operations at Cosentino’s added, “I really like that ProfitTrax is a whole store “system” of smart technology with data-driven best practice recommendations for store teams, all merchandisers and loss prevention – all in one place. ProfitTrax is all about using analytics to enable consistent best practice execution for whole store profit improvement. It has excellent sales reporting, SKU-level shrink loss and OOS analysis, and much more. I expect ProfitTrax will streamline and simplify our store team’s workload to help us improve our gross margins and cash flow and improve our labor efficiencies.”

Larry Miller, the President of Smart Retail Solutions and ProfitTrax commented; “the team at CFS is focused on growing sales and reducing shrink. These are areas we have specialized in for over 30 years and we are committed to their success. We expect this to be an excellent partnership. Our stage one objective is to use the ProfitTrax TEAM-UP System approach to help them to reduce Shrink Loss and Out of Stock by 15% for sustainable profit improvement.”

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Cosentino’s Food Stores currently operates 30 stores in the Kansas City area.

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