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Cosentino’s Foods Stores Deploys Demand-Based Fresh Item Production Planner for Added Sales & Gross Margin

Scottsdale, Arizona â€“ Smart Retail Solutions, creators of the ProfitTrax Technology & Best Practices Training Systems for retail store profit improvement is honored to announce that Cosentino’s Food Stores of Kansas City has adopted the all new ProfitTrax Production Planning System for its 31 stores.

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According to Larry Miller, President of Smart Retail Solutions; Fresh Item Demand-based Production Planning based on precise sales forecasting is the next evolution for the ProfitTrax Operating System – designed to meet customer demand and optimal Variety and Freshness is the next step in the ever-evolving ProfitTrax Sales & Profit Improvement Operating System and PaaS for guaranteed ROI.

The ProfitTrax Production Planner forecasts sales and production needs and facilitates (CAO) ordering in Fresh areas. The objective is operational simplification for optimal freshness, assortment/variety, shrink loss mitigation and workforce efficiency – all at the lowest cost for excellent annualized ROI, typically in excess of our promised 5:1. 

The ProfitTrax Production Planner is a cloud-based, SaaS model technology that is easy to set-up and use for precise Production Planning and gross margin optimization in all fresh departments.

John Stanze, Director of Operations and Merchandising at Cosentino’s Food Stores of Kansas City adds; ProfitTrax is not just more data â€“ it’s a convergent data platform and provides expert training for what people do with data. We use the ProfitTrax System in every store department and have achieved excellent ROI results.

The addition of the new Demand-based Production Planner to the ProfitTrax System Platform is a game-changer for us. It’s very cost effective, simple to use and provides spot-on production and space allocation guidance for fresh meat, deli, produce value-add cut fruits and vegetables, and bakery – pretty much anything in any department.

In today’s workforce stressed market, the ProfitTrax system helps us to streamline and simplify work to save labor hours and there’s no IT lift â€“ the ProfitTrax Team handles integration, set-up, and training. This Production Planner will help us to maintain our “full and fresh†profitable selling goals with effective (by store) variety for optimal gross margins, every day.

ProfitTrax Trainers provide expert and comprehensive Operational Best Practices Training for all end-users and routinely monitors retailer implementation effectiveness and proactively supports their guarantee of more sales, shrink reduction and smart ordering for higher gross margins. ProfitTrax is a “System†of smart analytics that enable and promote consistent best practice execution and simplifies workload for store teams and supervisors. Companies using ProfitTrax typically report between 125-200 basis points of Total Store Gross Margins gains.

Dawn Gammon, VP of Customer Success at SRS added, “ProfitTrax is growing. Production Planner eliminates guesswork associated with optimizing variety, case and display sets, maintaining peak product freshness and preventing shrink loss. We worked hard to make our Production Planner easy to use and we expect retailers will enjoy an additional 15-20% shrink reduction, 12% labor efficiency enhancement, lower supply expenses and added Fresh Item sales. It’s exciting to launch our ProfitTrax Production Planner at Cosentino’s and other AWG retailers.â€

About Smart Retail Solutions / ProfitTrax
ProfitTrax ® is the flagship Profit Improvement BI and Best Practices System of Smart Retail Solutions. ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, SaaS model, Enterprise Business Intelligence System providing Daily “Action Alerts†to Store Teams designed and guaranteed to improve sales, achieve 15% shrink reduction and systematize sustainable store profit improvement. ProfitTrax advanced analytics interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and produces Plain English Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science. For more information visit: https://smartretailsolutions.com.

About Cosentino’s Food Stores
Cosentino’s Food Stores is an Associated Wholesale Grocers retailer operating 31 stores under the Price Chopper, Cosentino’s, Apple Market and Sun Fresh banners based in Missouri and Kansas. The Cosentino’s Family has operated excellent grocery/ supermarket stores in Missouri and Kansas since 1948.

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