Moser’s Foods Selects ProfitTrax AI to Increase Whole Store Profitability

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Feb. 20, 2024 – Smart Retail Solutions, a leading provider of innovative retail technology solutions, is thrilled to announce its latest customer acquisition: Moser’s Foods, in partnership with PFSbrands, has chosen the ProfitTrax AI Solutions Suite to drive Whole Store Profit Optimization across their operations.

Moser’s Foods, known for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, sought a comprehensive solution to optimize their retail operations and enhance profitability. After thorough evaluation, the company selected Smart Retail Solutions’ ProfitTrax AI for its advanced analytics capabilities, plain English generative AI profit improvement insights, and proven track record of success in the retail grocery sector.

Steve Black, Chief Operating Officer at PFSbrands announced, “We are excited to partner with Moser Foods and Smart Retail Solutions to streamline and simplify our operations and maximize profitability across all stores. We anticipate significant improvements in enterprise-wide inventory management, shrink reduction, and gross margin optimization enabling us to better serve our customers and achieve our business objectives.”

ProfitTrax AI is a powerful retail analytics platform that leverages artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and generate daily action alerts. By providing daily visibility into key performance metrics, ProfitTrax AI empowers store teams to make data-informed decisions to improve sales, reduce costs, and optimize gross margins.

“We are delighted to welcome Moser’s Foods to the Smart Retail Solutions ProfitTrax family and support their mission of delivering exceptional shopping experiences,” said Larry Miller, CEO at Smart Retail Solutions. “With ProfitTrax AI and Scan-it for whole store ordering, shrink tracking and inventory analytics, Moser’s Foods will have the tools they need to unlock new levels of efficiency and profit. “

From its origins as a pioneer in shrink loss prevention through ShrinkTrax, Smart Retail Solutions’ growth into whole store profit optimization was a natural evolution. To date, with its ShrinkTrax software, Total Store Manager Training and now ProfitTrax AI, the company has unequalled profit improvement depth and experience having helped over 400 retailers operating over 9,000 stores around the world to achieve more than $100MM in whole store gross margin gains.

About Smart Retail Solutions: Smart Retail Solutions is a leading provider of retail technology solutions and Best Practices Training empowering retailers to drive Whole Store Profit Optimization in today’s dynamic marketplace. With a comprehensive suite of innovative products and services, including ProfitTrax AI, Merchant Analytics and Demand-based Fresh Item Production Planning, Smart Retail Solutions helps retailers optimize store operations, drive sales, and improve inventory Turns to reduce internal gross margin erosion.

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