Tough Markets Demand Innovation and Determination to Grow Profitable Sales

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA: If you continue to do what you have been doing you will continue to get similar results. But if you want to break through your current sales and profit glass ceilings, something must change. These are the thoughts of Larry Miller, President of Smart Retail Solutions who has been designing Profit Improvement programs for retailers for nearly 40 years. According to Miller, “we all know that times change, markets change, and the talent in our stores change.
Retailers must constantly be training and providing the best and smartest tools to help our store teams to adapt and innovate to achieve breakthrough sales and profit.â€

Miller and his Team at Smart Retail Solutions (SRS) in Scottsdale Arizona are constantly in a state of innovation. After a decade long successful career as a c-level retailer and then studying retailer practices and behaviors since 1990, the SRS Team has release a tandem Shrink Mitigation / Profit Improvement system combining advanced analytics, Augmented Intelligence and Best Practices Training that together allow SRS to guarantee a 5:1 Annualized ROI in just 120 days.

The combined ProfitTrax SMT/PIT system uses a multi-faceted, technology enabled behavior modification approach. A sample of the actual Profit Improvement results include:

Customer Comments Include:

  • ProfitTrax is easy to implement and use and we definitely achieved the promised shrink reduction and ROI results.
  • Best Practices Training was excellent and the Plain English Action Alerts to improve our gross margins are magic.
  • We had data and plenty of reports. The ProfitTrax Command Dashboard put everything in one place and streamlined and simplified work for all of our supervisors and store teams.

About Smart Retail Solutions

ProfitTrax is the flagship Augmented Intelligence / BI Profit Improvement and Best Practices Training Solution created by Smart Retail Solutions. ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, SaaS, Enterprise Business Intelligence solution that guarantees to simplify store operations and loss prevention practices, improve sales, reduce shrink loss 15% and add up to 12% gross margin for sustainable store profit improvement. ProfitTrax Augmented Intelligence interprets store-wide data, performs multi- dimensional analysis, and produces daily Plain English “Action Alerts†using proprietary Narrative Science. For more information, please visit: or call (602) 448-8500.

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