Balls Foods Stores Deploys Mobile Technology for Improved Store Team Efficiency and Cost Savings

SCOTTSDALE, AZ: Smart Retail Solutions, creators of the ProfitTrax Technology & Best Practices Training Systems for retail store profit improvement is honored to announce that Ball’s Food Stores of Kansas City has selected the all new ProfitTrax Scan-it® application for its 26 stores.

Scott Bayne, Chief Operating Officer at Ball’s Food Stores said, we are excited to expand our partnership with ProfitTrax with the addition of their Scan-it® mobile application for store ordering.

A blue letter p and t are in the same font.

Scan-it goes beyond simple data collection. It’s easy to use, faster, and smarter helping us to save labor, improve inventory turns, and track and prevent shrink loss. I project a real ROI of 5:1 in just the 12 months based or initial implementations.

I tell everyone that ProfitTrax works! It’s a System of smart analytics and best practices training for reducing shrink to grow gross margins, smart inventory management and growing IPC sales. It is an Enterprise Profit Improvement System and Scan-it is an excellent addition.

A blue letter p and t are in the same font.
ProfitTrax Goes Mobile With All New Scan-it® Solution

According to Larry Miller, President of Smart Retail Solutions; Our Scan-it® application is a cloud-based, SaaS model, designed for Business Process Optimization associated with Store Ordering, tracking and reducing Shrink Loss and Out of Stocks, automated supplier credit claims, reclaim credits, price reduction markdowns, and targeted CAO. Scan-it easily integrates with ProfitTrax and adds to our Fresh Item Production Planning and Merchant Analytics portfolio of Systems for variety and profit optimization. It’s one comprehensive Connected Store System. And, as we have for over 20 years, we guarantee excellent ROI and best in class implementation support.