Indiana Grocers / Strack & Van Til Deploys ProfitTrax FreshItem Production Planner for Added Sales & Gross Margin

Scottsdale, Arizona – Smart Retail Solutions, creators of the ProfitTrax Enterprise Profit Improvement System for retail store shrink reduction and profit improvement is honored to announce that Strack & Van Til stores (a AWG Member) has adopted the all ProfitTrax Demand-based Fresh Item Production Planning System for its stores joining other fine AWG Members using the ProfitTrax System who include Ball’s Food Stores, Cosentino’s Food Stores, Pyramid Foods, Queens Price Chopper, Town & Country Markets.

A blue letter p and t are in the same font.
A blue letter p and t are in the same font.

According to Dave Wilkinson, Chief Operating Officer we are excited to implement the ProfitTrax Fresh Item Production Planner to help us Optimize Variety and Freshness and further prevent shrink loss caused by over-production and excessive space allocations.

We have used the ProfitTrax System for years and this Production Planner is the continuation of a great Partnership. We tested the Production Planner, received excellent feedback, and now expect the Production Planner will take another profitable step forward.

According to Larry Miller, President of Smart Retail Solutions, Production Planner is a cloud-based, SaaS model technology for Fresh Item Production Planning and to optimize Variety and daily production levels in all fresh departments. The objective is operational simplification, all at the lowest cost for excellent annualized ROI, typically 5:1. Production Planner is the next evolution for Users of the ProfitTrax Profit Improvement System.

Dawn Gammon, VP of Customer Success at SRS added, “ProfitTrax is growing. We worked hard to make our Production Planner easy to use and with-it retailers will enjoy a significant shrink reduction, labor efficiency improvement, lower supply expenses while getting added Fresh Item salesâ€.

About Smart Retail Solutions / ProfitTrax
ProfitTrax is the flagship Retail Profit Improvement software and Best Practices Training System of Smart Retail Solutions. ProfitTrax is a cloud-based, SaaS model, Enterprise Business Intelligence System providing Daily “Action Alerts†for Store Teams designed and guaranteed to improve sales, achieve 15% shrink reduction and systematize sustainable store profit improvement. ProfitTrax advanced analytics interprets store-wide data, performs multi-dimensional analysis, and produces Plain English Action Alerts using proprietary Narrative Science. For more information call (602)448-8500, email
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About Strack & Van Til Stores
Indiana Grocers / Strack & Van Til operates 23 full services stores and is based in Highland Indiana.